Cool Cut Cap - Custom Branded Paper Caps for Promotions and Events

New idea

Sample image When you're tired of lanyards and pens, or simply want a new idea. The Cool Cut Cap will excite you. This is the coolest invention!

New style

Sample image

Imagine a whole stadium full of supporters wearing red or yellow caps. Imagine the branding impact. And it doesn't have to cost that much.

New opportunity

Sample image When it comes to branding, the Cool Cut Cap rocks! Because the whole cap gets printed, the message is not restricted to just a logo!

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SA Flag Cool Cut Cap

We've been asked many times if we could supply a Cool Cut Cap with the South African flag... so we've gone ahead and designed one.

We can now supply smaller quantity orders (minimum 100) to you overnight. The price starts at R7.50 ex VAT & delivery. The more you buy, the less the price.

If you're thinking of selling them, or simply giving them away, the SA Flag Cool Cut Cap stands out in a crowd.

Contact us now to place your order.

World Cup 2010  Opening Promotion
SA Colours on the Cool Cut Cap
  • Colourful

  • Functional

Colourful Paper Cap

Who said it can't be cool! Colourful, vibrant and unmissable. "What's that you're wearing" they will say.

Cool Paper Caps

Create a real impact with your brand. Crowds can wear the cap to shield their faces from the sun... whilst you get brand exposure.



All over branding

branded cap front
Branded front
All over branding allows better impact
branded cap back
Branded back
Adjustable clip for various head sizes
branded cap side
Branded sides
Dual laminated sides for strength

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