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Home News Funding for Election Campaigns

Funding for Election Campaigns

The ANC is keeping mum on its funding sources for the election campaign, but party insiders involved in fundraising say its election effort is heavily subsidised by the ruling parties in Libya, Angola, China and India. The ANC’s funding strategy is based on donations by individuals, but the big money comes from ruling parties elsewhere.

The Represented Political Party Fund would be administered by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) between April 1 2013 and March 31 2014. The notice was gazetted on April 5.

According to the IEC's 2011-2012 annual report, the 14 political parties represented in parliament were allocated a total of R104-million. Of this, the ANC received R64.9-million, followed by the DA with R17-million and COPE with R9.7-million.

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The party's (DA) chairman of federal finance, Deon George, said that it would use additional sources of funding.

We do not want to put an additional burden on taxpayers. It's not from government, it's the people's money and we use it wisely, we believe. We do not support the ANC's call for additional [party] funding from the people,
said Deon George.

African Christian Democratic Party MP Steve Swart said the formula for the distribution of funds needed to be re-worked.

"Though we are grateful for those amounts, we don't believe it is sufficient for smaller parties to compete at the election on a level playing field with the ruling party.
 "We believe that the formula that is used for allocation of funds should be amended.
"At least it should give all parties a kick-start," he said.

The ANC was not available for comment.

Campaign Materials and Strategies:

Party deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa recently revealed that the election strategy would include:

» Door-to-door campaigns in targeted communities and at least four house visits to each house; and

» Explaining the party’s achievements and the “challenges” to voters.

The ANC in KwaZulu-Natal on Sunday began its door-to-door election campaign with the help of nearly 30 000 volunteers, the party said.

The volunteers will target potential voters across the province, telling them why they should vote.

We are going to use targeting and voter contact to woo everyone, from so-called born-frees, the middle class and the super-rich. We won't go around kissing babies in front of cameras.
Going into this crucial election we must package our campaign message very carefully. This then calls for different messages and strategies for different demographics, regions and issues. The way you organise people in Cofimvaba in the Eastern Cape cannot be the same as you organise people in Dube, Soweto.
In the last elections, we used motorbikes, chisanyamas, car washes and the imvuselelo zabo mama [an occasion to revive one's dedication to a cause] to target potential voters. But we are moving with the times and we'll do things differently. We must celebrate the 20 years of democracy in the course of these elections.
said Mokoynane

The ANC would experiment with new forms of campaigning, including the use of social media.

DA spokesman Mmusi Maimane said more than a million leaflets had been distributed across the country as part of the “Blue Blitz weekends”. “We have identified and trained 13 800 new activists and have spoken to hundreds of thousands of voters.

Materials that could be used for Election Campaigns:                              



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Colourful Paper Cap

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Cool Paper Caps

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Branded front
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Branded back
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