Cool Cut Cap - Custom Branded Paper Caps for Promotions and Events

New idea

Sample image When you're tired of lanyards and pens, or simply want a new idea. The Cool Cut Cap will excite you. This is the coolest invention!

New style

Sample image

Imagine a whole stadium full of supporters wearing red or yellow caps. Imagine the branding impact. And it doesn't have to cost that much.

New opportunity

Sample image When it comes to branding, the Cool Cut Cap rocks! Because the whole cap gets printed, the message is not restricted to just a logo!

A new branding idea for Promotions and Events

Cool Cut Cap

The launch of Cool Cut Cap will get any marketer excited. The cap can be custom printed with anything... because it's just normal paper card.

- Made from single sheet of printed card
- 220gsm card with the laminate both sides
- Supplied flat... so easy to deliver and hand out to fans
- Simple to make up, no glue required (8 joins)
- Easily branded (4 colour + spot)
- It's cheap (from R1.72 per printed unit)


IRB 7s Rugby - Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium

The Cool Cut Cap featured at the IRB 7s, Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth. The stadium, using the 2013 slogan "Rugby is going to be BIG in the bay", were promoting their season tickets and the web address to buy online.

The promoters had half a minute, whilst making up the cap, to let the fan know about what season tickets were available... thus driving the message directly to the fans.

Thousands of fans grabbed the Caps to shield themselves from the sun-exposed stands. They wore them side on, straight and front-to-back... just like real caps.

Liked by the kids, women and men of all ages, the Caps turn a campaign into a walking billboard of information... plus get TV time!

The Cool Cut Cap is a must for sporting events, specially where spectators will be sitting in the sun... or simply to have your brand and message echoed throughout the stands.

IRB 7s Cool Cut Cap kids

PE Stadium fan with CCCap


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1 minute of fame on radio 5FM

Ulric Algar, 5fm Logothe creator of the Cool Cut Cap, was interviewed on DJ Fresh's show on radio 5fm. Ulric had 1 minute on the "Mind Your Own Business" spot to tell the millions of listeners about the benefits of the Cool Cut Cap. The marketing team at The No Nonsense Group wrote a fun script to try break the usual trend of boring speeches. Have a listen to the sound clip here or below.

DJ Fresh's popular show "The Fresh Drive" interviews companies each day at 3.55pm: read the blog here.


Going Global

The Cool Cut Cap has gone global, with signed reseller agreements for the North American region and another for South & Central America. For the USA, Sports Brand Development Group have signed an exclusive territory license, and have already proposed amazing marketing techniques... from online "make up your own cap" technology, to placing the printed Cap on every seat in stadiums before games. Promo c.a. approached Cool Cut Cap with specific interest in the elections in Venezuela, but after seeing the marketing potential, asked to be the agent for South and Central America. They partner with the largest printer in the region, Moore de Venezuela (RR Donnelley).

Cool Cut Cap are looking for agents in Europe and Australia.


CCC makes it's American début in LA

Shortly after the Cool Cut Cap received it's US patent, Nicola Drinn took same SA Flag caps on an international excursion to the west coast of America.

The SA Flag cap made it's appearance at a Dodgers baseball game in downtown Los Angeles, and was handed out to local fans to wear. They were received with intrigue and worn for fun.

Thanks a million to Nix for taking the time and effort to promote the Cool Cut Cap so exurberantly to her friends in the US and Dodgers fans.

Hopefully this will be the start of a successful launch into the US promotions and events market.






Make your Summer Promotion memorable

Make heads turn everywhere this summer!

The long awaited summer is almost here and it's time to laze around and have fun in the sun. The most essential item every summer is protection from the harsh African sun. The Cool Cut Cap turns this necessity into something fun for summer promotions and events.

So put a Cool Cut Cap into your summer goodie bags or handouts to holiday makers.

Summer Beach Promotions

SA Flag Cool Cut Cap

We've been asked many times if we could supply a Cool Cut Cap with the South African flag... so we've gone ahead and designed one.

We can now supply smaller quantity orders (minimum 100) to you overnight. The price starts at R7.50 ex VAT & delivery. The more you buy, the less the price.

If you're thinking of selling them, or simply giving them away, the SA Flag Cool Cut Cap stands out in a crowd.

Contact us now to place your order.

World Cup 2010  Opening Promotion
SA Colours on the Cool Cut Cap

uShaka Marine World

uShakauShaka Maring World's "We've dropped it like it's hot" campaign includes a Cool Cut Cap, given out to visitors at the park's Water World. A striking use of yellow flames wrapped around the cap with the branding and slogans on the panels.

Kids went wild for them... awesome!


Give-away or sell to crowds for impact

Sample image

The Cool Cut Cap can be sold to fans at Soccer, Cricket or Rugby stadiums... or simply given away. As a fundraising item, the cap is a cheap impulse buy... especially on hot sunny days.

  • Colourful

  • Functional

Colourful Paper Cap

Who said it can't be cool! Colourful, vibrant and unmissable. "What's that you're wearing" they will say.

Cool Paper Caps

Create a real impact with your brand. Crowds can wear the cap to shield their faces from the sun... whilst you get brand exposure.



All over branding

branded cap front
Branded front
All over branding allows better impact
branded cap back
Branded back
Adjustable clip for various head sizes
branded cap side
Branded sides
Dual laminated sides for strength



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2Can I supply my own design?
4Do you have Questions? Mail us, we'll reply asap

Functions & shows

Fashion show

Give your promotion some special attention... at last a give-away that gets noticed, is functional, and is fun!


People + Parties

Create an impact by branding your fans at events. Whether it's thousands or 100 thousand... the impact just gets better. 



Tired of lanyards and pens? The Cool Cut Cap is an affordable promotional item to get your message across through the masses.



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